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Delivery Services

Trouble getting to the pharmacy should never be a reason to miss out on your medications. Let the friendly staff at The Medicine Shoppe of Ilion take that burden off your shoulders. You can even order over-the-counter products to be delivered with your medication. Our daily (Monday – Friday) delivery area includes Frankfort, Ilion, Mohawk, Herkimer. Our distant delivery (Thursday) area includes Little Falls, Newport, Poland, Middleville, Richfield Springs, and West Winfield. You’ll get to know our delivery staff and always be glad to see their smiling face.

Going south for the winter? Medications can also be shipped via USPS. (Postage costs will be charged to the customer). For more information about our delivery services or to schedule a delivery, contact us today!

Support For Remington Arms EmployeesMedicine Shoppe in Ilion is offering support to Remington Arms employees & their families with medication cost assistance

Medicine Shoppe in Ilion is offering support to Remington Arms employees and their families with regards to their medication costs. With the recent news of Remington Arms closing, worrying about out of pocket costs for medication shouldn’t have to be an added stressor. The Medicine Shoppe will work with Remington Arms employees and their families so they can start saving today regardless if they are a current customer or not.

The Medicine Shoppe is offering prescription consults to help find affordable solutions.